How to Choose the Right Building Material Supplier?

How to Choose the Right Building Material Supplier?

Choosing the right building materials supplier is critical to your project’s success. The top building material suppliers must be identified to guarantee that every building project achieves the best outcome. The construction industry necessitates the use of a wide range of materials. These materials range from high-priced machinery and devices to a variety of low-cost materials. It’s most helpful to plan for the regular supply of these materials to keep the building activity moving forward without interruption.

There are multiple vendors on the market providing construction materials. However, choosing the appropriate one might be difficult with so many vendors on the market. Here are some pointers to help you through the process and choose the best supplier for your needs.

A broad selection of materials:  Building strategic partnerships is something that both you and your suppliers are interested in. You should confirm that the products they recommend meet the requirements of your most typical projects. Your project will remain on schedule in terms of both time and money if you can obtain all you require in a short amount of time.

It’s also important to check that your supplier can assist you in finding the supplies you need when you need them and their product range is broad enough to fulfill your more specialized demands. You may need to engage with a supplier who can assist you with alternate products if the standard materials don’t work for a particular situation.

Simple Financing and Payment: Cash flow is always a significant factor in construction. Financing helps you to keep the cash coming in while you make small payments on expensive purchases over time. Planning ahead and understanding your payment options is important when trying to stay both on schedule and on budget.

Choosing a supply partner who provides financial consideration for preferred contractors is one method to assist in managing possible cash flow challenges. Find a supplier who will collaborate with you to keep materials coming to your site through financing or a charge account. Legacy Materials offers financing options and expert assistance to craft a solution that best fits your project.

Excellent Customer Service: Customer service is undeniably the most important factor to look for in a supplier. Just as you strive every day to provide your clients with the most pleasing experience, it is right to deal with a supplier who prioritizes you.

However, customer service extends beyond the initial point of contact. Every company wants to make a sale. A really customer-focused construction materials provider will also strive to establish a connection, following up on orders and informing you about new products. They’ll do everything they can to make every project easier and work fast to fix any concerns. Consider choosing a provider who offers unique customer assistance.

Compliance with guidelines: It is also critical that you check that the supplier you have chosen has worked in this area for a reasonable period and is familiar with the working procedures of the construction industry. Select just those organizations that strictly adhere to the building guidelines. Reputable firms like Legacy Materials take great pleasure in their long-term dedication to upholding the standards of their products and production procedures for state-certified construction materials. As a result, finding a supplier compliant with your state’s guidelines is critical for all contractors involved in state infrastructure projects.

Superior quality materials: One of the most significant factors to examine is the quality of the materials supplied. Make sure to thoroughly inspect the delivered supplies to confirm that they meet the required standards. Cheap materials may be of poor quality and would cost you more in the long run.

Reliable Delivery and Logistics: As a contractor, you recognize that even little delays in your project can lead to dissatisfied consumers and financial losses. To avoid delays, you must obtain the required items as soon as possible. When they are late, they cause delays and disrupt your schedule. You require a supplier with flexible delivery schedules to ensure that materials are delivered on time. A fleet of delivery vehicles is an added benefit. If raw materials are damaged, or if there are delays while you await separate supplies, you are responsible in the eyes of your consumer. Understanding your supplier’s delivery methods and managing logistical issues can keep your projects on schedule and prevent costly delays.

Why choose Legacy Materials as your building material supplier?

Your projects are only as excellent as the materials you use to build them. As a result, pick the best construction material supplier to ensure high-quality results. Where can you get excellent supplies in your region for your projects?

Legacy Materials is a women-owned (WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise) company that supplies construction supplies for a number of sectors. As an Iowa Economic Development Authority Certified Targeted Small Business (TSB), we deliver excellent service and certified materials to clients in Central Iowa who are creating neighborhoods and commercial projects. Legacy Materials satisfies all criteria, including compliance, infrastructure, logistical assistance, and financing options making us a perfect partner for any contractor working on state or municipal projects.

Materials that will shape your landscape in 2022

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Factors influencing landscaping in 2022

The spring of 2022 is going to be exceptional for landscaping. After two years of social distancing, the lawns and gardens are finally ready to receive friends and guests. This year, landscaping will see interesting trends influenced by various factors.

Overcoming cabin fever – After two years of isolation and lockdowns, the global situation is finally improving. Doorbells are getting busier for reasons other than door deliveries. House parties and weekend get-togethers are slowly returning.

Outdoor workspace – Working from home is the new norm in many industries and for many types of jobs, but working from home does not always have to be confined to the corner of the study. Setting up a worktable in the garden is relaxing for the mind and provides a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Cooking and eating outside – The smell of sizzling meat and vegetables is going to fill the air this spring. Stone ovens, open-to-air cooking spaces, and grills will start to see a comeback.

Organic food – Homegrown organic food may be a fad, or maybe not, but while you are in the middle of it in 2022, it will cause tectonic shifts in the garden scape.

Suppose you are a contractor looking to make the best of this exciting market in 2022. In that case, you need suitable materials to deliver the landscaping ideas discussed above. There are a lot of materials that can make your project beautiful and practical. In this article, let us examine two of them, rocks and dirt.


Rocks are effort-intensive materials, as moving and laying them can take a lot of labor. Once the landscaping is done, they are easy to maintain. They have a long life. They are deterrents for weeds and are a natural retardant against fire. Depending on their application, they come in different types, shapes, and sizes.

River Rocks – They are excellent finishing surfaces on your gardens. They are good protection against erosion and surface runoff. River rocks are also colorful and aesthetically pleasing.

Oversized Cobblestone and Boulders. – Large rocks like oversized cobblestones and smooth boulders are an excellent choice for lining your water features. They add aesthetics to the garden waterfall or provide retention for the garden stream. Boulders act as brakes on rolling grass lawns and make the landscape more natural.

Washed Pea Rocks – Mulching flower beds with tinier pea rocks can help retain topsoil from erosion while providing a pleasing appearance. They find application in draining rainwater or micro-irrigation.

At Legacy Materials, we provide a variety of rocks for your next construction project, whether you need oversized cobblestone and boulders for landscaping gardens or are working with river rock on septic system projects. 


Dirt is a vital element of landscaping. It allows for more sophisticated designs. Dirt is easier to handle and to lay. The type of dirt used depends on the purpose of use.

Topsoil and Black Dirt – Topsoil or Black Dirt can have excellent applications in gardening and lawns. Topsoil is rich in nutrients making it a valuable material for indoor gardens, pots, backyard gardens, and shaded avenues. Topsoil is also suitable for lawns as it is rich in nutrients. Black dirt can come in handy for lining walkways, small barriers, or retaining water in water features.

Fine Fill SandFill sand comes in bright colors and contrasts with black dirt in landscaping. They are an affordable backfill option for wet areas. They do not have structural value but are an excellent landscaping material.

Fill Dirt – Fill dirt is an excellent choice if you want to add undulations to your lawn and create rolling mounds. They can also be used as concealment fill over pipes and utility cables.

Porous Backfill – This all-weather material has excellent draining properties that are useful for the high rainfall season. It also resists thaw degradation. It finds use in garden walkways or in concealing pipes and utility cables.

Did you know that Legacy Materials provides Iowa DOT Certified Concrete Sand? This means that select products are passed by the Iowa Department of Transportation’s quality assurance program. 

Materials that will trend in 2022

All stakeholders like landscaping material suppliers, contractors, and end-customers alike are getting ready for a super-hot market in 2022. Some of the trends that will drive demand for landscaping materials are:

Gardening for fire scaping and floodproofing- Landscaping is moving on from just being pretty to becoming lifesavers. River Rocks and fill dirt embankments can be a break in rolling lawns and vegetation to prevent the spread of fire. Porous Backfill is an excellent drain for stormwater. 

“Making your own food” to “creating your own food”  – Lockdowns left us with so much banana bread and exotic stuffed vegetable ideas. Call it backward integration if you will; all the attention currently appears to be on producing your own food, and topsoil and black dirt can help with good growth. Arguably, it is so much more satisfying when you pluck that tomato fresh off the pot on the ledge outside your kitchen window than while taking it out of the refrigerator.

Gravel gardens that are great looking and easy on the wallet – Gravels, fill dirt, large boulders, and washed pea rocks are filling gardens fast. They are easy to create and are pretty to look at, but they need much less effort to maintain as they do not grow shabbily even if left unattended.

Ask us how

Getting the right supplies for landscaping projects is a job half done. With so many options that serve so many trends, contractors will need the right partners who can guide them through material selection and until proper use. At Legacy Materials, our experts can help you meet the demand spikes of 2022. You can visit us at www. legacymaterials.org or call us at 515-432-7333 for help.

Ice Control Sand – Washed Fine Fill Sand As An Alternative De-Icer To Salt


Sands and aggregates have always been used along with other agents for de-icing. While salt and other anti-icing chemicals melt the ice on roads, sand provides the necessary traction that makes winter roads safer. However, the type of sand used and the vendor you source it from is critical to the success of a de-icing operation.

At Legacy Materials, we offer ice control sand that is less likely to get blown away than finer sand. Plus, our WBENC-Women’s Business Enterprise certification brings its own set of advantages for our customers and also underlines our stability as a business.   

De-icing and Anti-icing of Roads During Winters

In the winter, de-icing is a critical activity for road maintenance. It keeps our families and us safe on the roads during times of winter weather. There are many methods for de-icing, which depend on the type and function of roads, as well as sidewalks, parking lots and homes and businesses. 

De-icing refers to the process of removing snow, frost, or ice from a road’s surface. This is achieved by reducing the freezing point (or melting point) of ice. Doing this makes it harder for water to turn into ice without temperatures dropping to below 32 0F. Different de-icing agents depress the freezing point to different temperatures.

Melting Road Ice 

One of the most common ways to de-ice outdoor surfaces is to sprinkle rock salt on them. The salt used on roads and other icy areas is halite, which is a natural mined mineral form of salt. Rock salt is much coarser than table salt, but it is created with the same sodium chloride molecule. 

We have all been to those coastal beach towns where there seems to be more rust than in the midwest. Something similar happens when we salt our roads, too, minus the beach or fun activities. Thanks to the Chloride in salts, its prolonged use damages steel and concrete. Salt makes the area in contact with it more acidic.

When To Use Ice Control Sand For De-Icing Roads

There are various studies on the effectiveness of sand as a de-icing agent. When used appropriately for roads, sand ultimately brings down the probability of accidents, just like removing ice and snow. 

Ice control sand can be used as a safer alternative for de-icing roads, sidewalks, parking lots and for your home and business needs as well. The average vehicular speeds and the strategic usage of sand impacts its effectiveness as a de-icing agent. 

Highways, interstate roads, and other high-speed urban roads may prefer anti-icing chemicals or salting, whereas abrasives like pre-wetted or sand would better serve urban and rural intersections, private roads, gravel roads, etc. Sand could also be used in combination with de-icing or anti-icing agents and the newer materials currently under research.

Contact Us for Ice Control Sand

Legacy Materials has the ice control sand that suits your requirement. We are a Women-Owned Supplier Of Iowa DOT Certified Products. Reach us at 515-432-7333, and we will be happy to assist with your road de-icing sand and other sand and gravel requirements.

WBENC-Certified Womens Business Enterprise (WBE) and What This Means for You

The Benefits Of Doing Business With A WBENC Certified Sand and Gravel Business


The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is a highly respected non-profit organization dedicated to women-owned businesses. Businesses earn WBENC certification when they are at least 51 percent owned, controlled, operated, and managed by a woman. Many leading corporate brands accept their certification standard as well as state, city, and local government entities.

Legacy Materials is a proud WBENC-Certified Women Business Enterprise. While the certification can enable access to special tax incentives, reduced tax liabilities, too, are reduced for a woman-owned business executing federal or state grants or loans funded projects. The federal government also affords tax incentives to those who conduct business with minority and women-owned businesses. 

When suppliers work with Legacy Materials, they can gain preference for federal contracts because they are utilizing a WBENC-Certified business to supply materials.

Government Contracts & Tax Benefits – One of many reasons to partner with a WBENC-certified supplier

One of the biggest reasons to work with WBENC-certified businesses is tax breaks and incentives, but that is not all. The advantages have evolved over the years since 1979 when the Office of Women’s Business Ownership was established.

  • Supplier Diversity Equals Efficiency: A study conducted by a leading  NASDAQ listed strategic consulting company uncovered that virtually all (99%) of the suppliers either met or exceeded expectations. Having a diverse supplier portfolio also reduced the buying costs of the surveyed businesses.
  • Competitive Advantage: There are corporations that earmark a part of their purchasing requirements to be from certified businesses, businesses can combine with WBE certified entities to increase their chances of landing contracts. Teaming up with a WBENC Women’s Business Enterprise means
  • More Opportunities – governmental agencies that have set-aside a percentage of all contracts and have a mandate to prefer women owned businesses. 
  • More Benefits – in addition to governmental and corporate set-asides, there are also tax incentives when working with a WBE. 
  • Enhanced Brand Reputation – working with a WBE signals your commitment to diversity, which could lead to intangible benefits like better branding and subsequently better visibility to your clients.

Why Should You Work With Legacy Materials?

Working with Legacy Materials for your construction material is a sound business strategy. We are one of the only, if not the only certified WBE that delivers DOT certified sand, gravel, and other aggregates in Iowa, and our focus on sustainable practices has been unwavering. Legacy Materials is also a proud member of the Iowa Economic Development Authority’s TSB program – (Targeted Small Business Program). This qualifies us to bid for state-level contracts. Finally, we are led by an Iowan working tirelessly to help communities, entrepreneurs, and businesses create their land legacy. 

Putting The ‘W’ in WBE – The Businesswoman Who Leads Us – Misty Wittern Lee

Misty Wittern Lee is Legacy Materials’ founder, president, chief executive officer, and operations manager.

Misty started her career in the community-enabling Silver Fox Realty. As part of the Land Advisory Board, she played an instrumental role in several of the company’s business and community-related milestones. She is currently serving as the Active Chairperson for the Wittern Group Trust. 

Misty founded Legacy Materials in 2018. Since then, her operational responsibilities include a safe work environment and overseeing all of the sand and gravel excavation business functions. Through Legacy Materials, Misty creates and maintains a strong customer and community focus, something exemplified by her stewardship of the beautiful land that surrounds us Iowans through:

  • Developing and designing infrastructure
  • Leading community-changing projects
  • Farming
  • Crop/livestock production
  • Real estate property management
  • Maintenance and conservation of a hunting reserve
  • Mining

Legacy Materials is proud and blessed to be a Women-owned business, as well as a Targeted Small Business Program. For more information about Legacy Materials and your next project, give us a call at (515) 432-7333.

Construction materials that meet the standards of the Iowa DOT

Use of Certified Construction Materials 

Municipal and state construction projects are highly regulated in all aspects and the State of Iowa is no exception. The construction aggregate materials used in these projects need to conform to strict standards defined by the respective state bodies like the Department of Transportation (DOT). The Iowa DOT Office of Construction and Materials has defined such standards and specifications for all of its projects, too. However, finding the right supplier who can supply certified construction materials can be challenging. That is where Legacy Materials comes into play.

Iowa DOT Certified Materials from Legacy Materials

Legacy Materials provides customers with a number of Iowa DOT certified materials including D-57 Gravel, Porous Backfill, Concrete Sand, Floodable Backfill, and Granular Backfill to help fulfill the needs and expectations of many state and municipality sponsored projects.

Compliance with Iowa DOT Standards

When it comes to certified materials, the liability for quality control of these materials lies with the supplier. The Iowa District Materials Personnel determines the aggregate quality by testing samples. However, passing this test alone will not be sufficient for suppliers. Suppliers also need to execute the responsibilities defined in “Guidelines for Aggregate Producer Quality Control Program, IM 209, Appendix A.” 

Maintaining the standards of products and processes for state-certified construction materials is a long-term commitment and one that Legacy Materials prides itself in. That’s why finding a supplier, such as Legacy Materials, that is compliant with the state’s specifications is of paramount importance for all contractors participating in state infrastructure projects.

Sampling Methods and Procedures

Finding the right supplier who produces certified construction materials is just the tip of the iceberg. The Iowa DOT has set forth sampling methods and sampling procedures for suppliers to follow. The agency has precise specifications for all materials including certified concrete sand or certified aggregates in this IM (Institutional Memorandum). And in the event of any criteria being missing from this IM makes use of the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM). Legacy Materials has a rigorous process in place including in-house daily sampling and quality control by an independent third party in order to ensure consistent adherence to these specifications and provide its customers with quality, Iowa DOT certified materials each and every day.  

Iowa DOT’s Approved Producer Program

The minimum requirement is for the supplier to be on the “Approved Producer Program” list published by the Iowa DOT. This is not just for virgin products. Even recycled products must be sourced from suppliers on this list. Recycled products often come under more scrutiny as they tend to be contaminated by rebar, asphalt, and other materials.

Once the supplier’s presence on the list is validated, it is vital to ensure that the sourced materials are as per “The Material Specifications Limits & Sampling and Testing Guide” published by the Iowa DOT. Non-compliance to these specifications allows the District Materials Engineer to place the supplier on conditional status. If this situation continues, the engineer can remove the supplier from the list altogether.  Legacy Materials takes compliance to these standards very seriously and throughout our company’s history has maintained our good standing on the Iowa DOT’s Approved Producer Program.

Local, Woman-Owned Business

As one of the only local, woman-owned businesses in this industry, Legacy Materials prides itself on supplying any materials that are needed for construction projects. Not only that, but we know the work we do at Legacy Materials will supply the need for future growth in Des Moines and the surrounding area. As a sand and mining operation, we focus on sustainability and bettering the community in which we live. This means supplying our customers with quality products that will withstand the test of time.

When you partner with a WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), you gain a number of benefits including tax incentives. The federal government affords tax incentives to those who conduct business with minority and women-owned businesses. Additionally, tax liabilities are reduced for projects funded with federal or state grants or loans when the supplier is a woman-owned business.  Being an aggregate supplier and materials handler Legacy Materials can be your single source for all of your construction material needs.

There’s More to Consider Than Certification Alone

Be it a single lot procurement or continuous purchase across the entire project; contractors need dependable and compliant suppliers like Legacy Materials. Presence on the Approved Producer Program list will qualify a supplier for compliance. But the key to successful delivery lies in the infrastructure and equipment that the supplier uses. Coarse aggregate preparation in huge volumes will mean that the supplier should be able to invest in the necessary capital equipment. Without this, the suppliers will not be reliable partners when the project demands fluctuate.

The Legacy Materials site features a new, state-of-the-art KPI/JCI Sand Plant. We are committed to sourcing materials from our site and utilizing the industry’s leading equipment and processes. This allows us to supply customers with quality, aggregate products in a cost-efficient manner that also works for their timeframe.

See our permanent plant growth by watching the video below.

Finally, the supplier also needs the necessary logistical support to deliver the products to the site. The supplier may have their transport equipment or may have the required partners in place, but without this, the timely arrival of supplies will become the contractor’s problem, jeopardizing schedule adherence. Legacy Materials works closely with third-party delivery entities to ensure that supplies are delivered in a timely manner. Schedule adherence in a construction project can be expensive considering the cost of labor, equipment, and capital that will sit idle in the case of delays.  With Legacy Materials, you have peace of mind that quality products will be delivered on schedule.

Legacy Materials meets all requirements including compliance, infrastructure, logistical support, and robust financials, making us the ideal partner for any contractor working on state or municipal projects.

Does Your Next Project Require Iowa DOT Certified Materials?Legacy Materials has supplied materials to concrete contractors, landscape contractors, pipeline contractors, and other construction businesses in the greater Des Moines metropolitan area. To know how our Iowa DOT certified materials can help you execute your municipal and state construction projects, call us at 515-432-7333.


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