Iowa Economic Development Authority Certified (TSB)


Legacy Materials is a proud member of the Iowa Economic Development Authority’s Targeted Small Business (TSB) Program. This program has been put in place and is designed to assist women, minority status, service-disabled veterans and individuals to overcome some of the hurdles to starting or growing a small business in Iowa. In order to qualify for the Iowa Economic Development Authority’s Targeted Small Business Program, businesses must be located in the state of Iowa, operating for a profit and making less than $4 million in gross income, computed as an average of the preceding three fiscal years.Additionally, the small business must be majority owned (51% or more), operated and managed by a female, individual with minority status, a service disabled veteran or an individual with a disability.

Legacy Materials is proud to be Targeted Small Business (TSB) Certified by the Iowa Economic Development Authority. The Iowa Economic Development Authority has a rich and successful history of representing Iowa businesses from a mix of industries. They strive to make it easy for entrepreneurs and global leaders to plan and invest for a successful future. We believe that being a part of this strong program will help Legacy Materials grow and flourish in the state of Iowa. As a small business in Iowa, Legacy Materials works hard to ensure your goals are met, no matter what they may be. To find out more about Legacy Materials and its Iowa Economic Development Authority’s Targeted Small Business Program Certification, please contact Legacy Materials at (515) 432-7333.

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