At Legacy Materials, we have a commitment to our employees and our community, which is to protect the environment, ensure employee health and safety, encourage responsible business practices and to cultivate community partnerships. We understand that the work we do today will have a profound effect on the future.

Cost Saving

The overall costs of projects in the Des Moines Metro will continue to decrease, thanks to the accessibility of Legacy Materials. The business site is located conveniently near the ongoing growth of the area. This will cut down on travel time to and from the construction sites.


Safety is the top priority for Legacy Materials in all aspects of our operations. We strive to keep not only our employees safe, but also the public. Through our robust employee-training program, employees learn how to eliminate accidents and injuries in the workplace and are taught the latest safety techniques.

Being a Good Neighbor

Aside from the commitment to the environment, we also have a commitment to the growing community of the Des Moines Metro and surrounding areas. Legacy Materials provides lower development costs, increased tax base, jobs and will continuously work hard to be good stewards of the land.

Legacy Materials is excited to utilize its electric dredge, which provides both economic and ecological benefits to the Des Moines community. Electric dredges, as opposed to diesel, eliminates diesel engine air pollution and fuel spill water pollution. Additionally, electric dredges reduce noise pollution and comply with current or future Federal, State and Local emissions, water and noise statutes. 

About Legacy Materials

The primary focus of Legacy Materials is sand and aggregate extraction that is used in construction materials to help supply the need for the future growth of Des Moines, Iowa and the surrounding area. In addition to the mining operation, Legacy Materials focuses on sustainability and making strides to better the community in which we live. Legacy Materials is here and ready to assist you in your next building, construction and landscaping needs. Our experienced staff members are ready to work with companies and organizations that share a similar vision and are committed to positively impacting our communities in which we live and work. These partnerships are a priority for us because we know that in order to make real and lasting change, we need strong relationships with organizations outside of our core competency of sand and aggregates.


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