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Ice Control Sand – Washed Fine Fill Sand As An Alternative De-Icer To Salt


Sands and aggregates have always been used along with other agents for de-icing. While salt and other anti-icing chemicals melt the ice on roads, sand provides the necessary traction that makes winter roads safer. However, the type of sand used and the vendor you source it from is critical to the success of a de-icing operation.

At Legacy Materials, we offer ice control sand that is less likely to get blown away than finer sand. Plus, our WBENC-Women’s Business Enterprise certification brings its own set of advantages for our customers and also underlines our stability as a business.   

De-icing and Anti-icing of Roads During Winters

In the winter, de-icing is a critical activity for road maintenance. It keeps our families and us safe on the roads during times of winter weather. There are many methods for de-icing, which depend on the type and function of roads, as well as sidewalks, parking lots and homes and businesses. 

De-icing refers to the process of removing snow, frost, or ice from a road’s surface. This is achieved by reducing the freezing point (or melting point) of ice. Doing this makes it harder for water to turn into ice without temperatures dropping to below 32 0F. Different de-icing agents depress the freezing point to different temperatures.

Melting Road Ice 

One of the most common ways to de-ice outdoor surfaces is to sprinkle rock salt on them. The salt used on roads and other icy areas is halite, which is a natural mined mineral form of salt. Rock salt is much coarser than table salt, but it is created with the same sodium chloride molecule. 

We have all been to those coastal beach towns where there seems to be more rust than in the midwest. Something similar happens when we salt our roads, too, minus the beach or fun activities. Thanks to the Chloride in salts, its prolonged use damages steel and concrete. Salt makes the area in contact with it more acidic.

When To Use Ice Control Sand For De-Icing Roads

There are various studies on the effectiveness of sand as a de-icing agent. When used appropriately for roads, sand ultimately brings down the probability of accidents, just like removing ice and snow. 

Ice control sand can be used as a safer alternative for de-icing roads, sidewalks, parking lots and for your home and business needs as well. The average vehicular speeds and the strategic usage of sand impacts its effectiveness as a de-icing agent. 

Highways, interstate roads, and other high-speed urban roads may prefer anti-icing chemicals or salting, whereas abrasives like pre-wetted or sand would better serve urban and rural intersections, private roads, gravel roads, etc. Sand could also be used in combination with de-icing or anti-icing agents and the newer materials currently under research.

Contact Us for Ice Control Sand

Legacy Materials has the ice control sand that suits your requirement. We are a Women-Owned Supplier Of Iowa DOT Certified Products. Reach us at 515-432-7333, and we will be happy to assist with your road de-icing sand and other sand and gravel requirements.

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