WBE Certified Mining Company In Iowa

WBENC-Certified Womens Business Enterprise (WBE) and What This Means for You

The Benefits Of Doing Business With A WBENC Certified Sand and Gravel Business


The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is a highly respected non-profit organization dedicated to women-owned businesses. Businesses earn WBENC certification when they are at least 51 percent owned, controlled, operated, and managed by a woman. Many leading corporate brands accept their certification standard as well as state, city, and local government entities.

Legacy Materials is a proud WBENC-Certified Women Business Enterprise. While the certification can enable access to special tax incentives, reduced tax liabilities, too, are reduced for a woman-owned business executing federal or state grants or loans funded projects. The federal government also affords tax incentives to those who conduct business with minority and women-owned businesses. 

When suppliers work with Legacy Materials, they can gain preference for federal contracts because they are utilizing a WBENC-Certified business to supply materials.

Government Contracts & Tax Benefits – One of many reasons to partner with a WBENC-certified supplier

One of the biggest reasons to work with WBENC-certified businesses is tax breaks and incentives, but that is not all. The advantages have evolved over the years since 1979 when the Office of Women’s Business Ownership was established.

  • Supplier Diversity Equals Efficiency: A study conducted by a leading  NASDAQ listed strategic consulting company uncovered that virtually all (99%) of the suppliers either met or exceeded expectations. Having a diverse supplier portfolio also reduced the buying costs of the surveyed businesses.
  • Competitive Advantage: There are corporations that earmark a part of their purchasing requirements to be from certified businesses, businesses can combine with WBE certified entities to increase their chances of landing contracts. Teaming up with a WBENC Women’s Business Enterprise means
  • More Opportunities – governmental agencies that have set-aside a percentage of all contracts and have a mandate to prefer women owned businesses. 
  • More Benefits – in addition to governmental and corporate set-asides, there are also tax incentives when working with a WBE. 
  • Enhanced Brand Reputation – working with a WBE signals your commitment to diversity, which could lead to intangible benefits like better branding and subsequently better visibility to your clients.

Why Should You Work With Legacy Materials?

Working with Legacy Materials for your construction material is a sound business strategy. We are one of the only, if not the only certified WBE that delivers DOT certified sand, gravel, and other aggregates in Iowa, and our focus on sustainable practices has been unwavering. Legacy Materials is also a proud member of the Iowa Economic Development Authority’s TSB program – (Targeted Small Business Program). This qualifies us to bid for state-level contracts. Finally, we are led by an Iowan working tirelessly to help communities, entrepreneurs, and businesses create their land legacy. 

Putting The ‘W’ in WBE – The Businesswoman Who Leads Us – Misty Wittern Lee

Misty Wittern Lee is Legacy Materials’ founder, president, chief executive officer, and operations manager.

Misty started her career in the community-enabling Silver Fox Realty. As part of the Land Advisory Board, she played an instrumental role in several of the company’s business and community-related milestones. She is currently serving as the Active Chairperson for the Wittern Group Trust. 

Misty founded Legacy Materials in 2018. Since then, her operational responsibilities include a safe work environment and overseeing all of the sand and gravel excavation business functions. Through Legacy Materials, Misty creates and maintains a strong customer and community focus, something exemplified by her stewardship of the beautiful land that surrounds us Iowans through:

  • Developing and designing infrastructure
  • Leading community-changing projects
  • Farming
  • Crop/livestock production
  • Real estate property management
  • Maintenance and conservation of a hunting reserve
  • Mining

Legacy Materials is proud and blessed to be a Women-owned business, as well as a Targeted Small Business Program. For more information about Legacy Materials and your next project, give us a call at (515) 432-7333.

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