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Weekend Warrior 

Ace Your Weekend Projects with Legacy Materials

Get ready to bring your weekend project ideas to life with Legacy Materials’ help! There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of completing a project of the desired quality within the expected timeframe. 

The materials we supply are the cornerstones for durability and aesthetic appeal. Whether refurbishing that old deck or fixing up a garden path, Legacy Materials has the materials to support your creative vision and ensure long-lasting results. 


Creating a lush, vibrant garden is an art form that begins with the right canvas—the soil. When cultivating flourishing flowers, premium topsoil is the secret ingredient. This rich foundation offers the perfect balance of nutrients and structure, allowing your flower beds to burst with color and life. Imagine the petals of your favorite blooms reaching for the sun, rooted in the finest earth that encourages their growth.

Imagine a peaceful rock garden or pathway weaving through your garden, adding texture and tranquility to your outdoor sanctuary. Whether it’s smooth river rocks or crushed granite, these rocks enhance outdoor spaces, serving not only as a practical element for navigation but also as an aesthetic feature that complements the delicate beauty of your flowers.

Sandbox (premium sand)

A sandbox is a lot more than just a box filled with sand. It’s a realm of endless possibilities where castles are built, and treasures are buried. The key to the perfect sandbox experience lies in the quality of the sand. Legacy Material’s Washed Fill Sand is free from impurities and sharp edges, offering a soft yet sturdy texture ideal for creating a safe and enjoyable play environment. 

Complete Backyard Kids Swingset (rock underneath- washed pea rock)

Transform your backyard into a child’s paradise with a complete kids’ swingset that promises endless hours of fun and adventure! Imagine the laughter and joy as your little ones soar through the air on their own swing, embarking on imaginary adventures right in the safety of your yard. Washed pea rock is an excellent choice for adding an aesthetic touch to your outdoor playground. Incorporating this rock underneath your swingset creates a visually appealing landscape and a safer play environment. 

Convenient Summer Hours 

We have extended our schedule to fit your lifestyle—from early birds to sunset chasers. Our Summer hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. We look forward to providing the material you need to complete your projects! To learn more about our quality materials, visit our website or call us at 515-432-7333!

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