Why Iowa DOT Certified Sand Is the Best Choice for Your Spring Projects

Spring is quickly approaching, and it is time to start thinking about your outdoor projects and repairs. Whether planning a driveway repair or a landscaping project, you will need the most suitable sand to complete the job. 

Iowa DOT Certified Sand is a high-quality, affordable product that meets the strictest standards set by the Iowa Department of Transportation. Not only is it reliable and consistent, but it also helps meet DOT standards for projects in Iowa.

What is Iowa DOT Certified Sand?

Iowa DOT Certified Sand is a natural sand product that meets the specifications of the Iowa DOT and is dependable and consistent. This high-quality sand is ideal for outdoor uses (like driveway repairs) and graded for construction projects on Iowa highways and roads. Iowa DOT sand comes in various colors, sizes, and grains. You can select the color that best suits your project and finish type. 

It is important to note that the sand found in Iowa differs from what you see on beaches. Most beach sand types are unsuitable for state projects because they do not meet the Iowa DOT standards.

Glossary of Benefits 

This material is easy to transport and can be used in projects without special tools. It is washed and screened to remove impurities, kiln-dried to eliminate moisture, and capable of creating a solid base for your projects. This high-quality sand can withstand heavy traffic and wear and tear on roads and other infrastructure projects. 

The sand is free from contaminants such as dirt, debris, and other materials that could damage the construction project. This ensures that the sand is safe and reliable, indicating why it has been certified by the Iowa DOT. The benefits of Iowa DOT Certified Sand continue beyond its quality and durability. The sand is also highly versatile and ideal for residential and commercial projects. This sand is easy to work with, so you can quickly and easily complete your project.

Importance of Using Certified Construction Materials 

Construction materials affect the visual impact and historical value of certain materials. They form the seeds of a building that balances visual quality and structural stability. Construction materials affect safety, an essential aspect of any finished construction piece. 

In addition to your material choice, you can work with an aggregate supplier partner. The right partner can supply the material and make your projects successful. Construction requires the best project professionals, and Legacy Materials fits the bill. 

What to Consider When Buying Iowa DOT-Certified Sand

Your primary decision-making factors should revolve around the type of project you are planning. If you plan a landscaping project, consider using colored sand for a decorative finish. If you are repairing your driveway, coarse sand will support you. Fine sand is ideal for landscaping. 

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost depends on several factors, such as the type of sand you need, its quantity, and the kind of project. For example, using sand for landscaping or filling potholes will require less than a more extensive project, like building a retaining wall. To get an accurate estimate of your project’s cost, contact Legacy Materials.

Before You Leave

Iowa DOT-certified sand is used for different applications, including landscaping, gardening, and playgrounds. Thanks to its high quality and durability, your projects will withstand the elements and last years. At Legacy Materials, we are here for all your construction project needs. Give us a call at 515-432-7333 or visit our website before you start on your next project!

Materials that will shape your landscape in 2022

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Factors influencing landscaping in 2022

The spring of 2022 is going to be exceptional for landscaping. After two years of social distancing, the lawns and gardens are finally ready to receive friends and guests. This year, landscaping will see interesting trends influenced by various factors.

Overcoming cabin fever – After two years of isolation and lockdowns, the global situation is finally improving. Doorbells are getting busier for reasons other than door deliveries. House parties and weekend get-togethers are slowly returning.

Outdoor workspace – Working from home is the new norm in many industries and for many types of jobs, but working from home does not always have to be confined to the corner of the study. Setting up a worktable in the garden is relaxing for the mind and provides a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Cooking and eating outside – The smell of sizzling meat and vegetables is going to fill the air this spring. Stone ovens, open-to-air cooking spaces, and grills will start to see a comeback.

Organic food – Homegrown organic food may be a fad, or maybe not, but while you are in the middle of it in 2022, it will cause tectonic shifts in the garden scape.

Suppose you are a contractor looking to make the best of this exciting market in 2022. In that case, you need suitable materials to deliver the landscaping ideas discussed above. There are a lot of materials that can make your project beautiful and practical. In this article, let us examine two of them, rocks and dirt.


Rocks are effort-intensive materials, as moving and laying them can take a lot of labor. Once the landscaping is done, they are easy to maintain. They have a long life. They are deterrents for weeds and are a natural retardant against fire. Depending on their application, they come in different types, shapes, and sizes.

River Rocks – They are excellent finishing surfaces on your gardens. They are good protection against erosion and surface runoff. River rocks are also colorful and aesthetically pleasing.

Oversized Cobblestone and Boulders. – Large rocks like oversized cobblestones and smooth boulders are an excellent choice for lining your water features. They add aesthetics to the garden waterfall or provide retention for the garden stream. Boulders act as brakes on rolling grass lawns and make the landscape more natural.

Washed Pea Rocks – Mulching flower beds with tinier pea rocks can help retain topsoil from erosion while providing a pleasing appearance. They find application in draining rainwater or micro-irrigation.

At Legacy Materials, we provide a variety of rocks for your next construction project, whether you need oversized cobblestone and boulders for landscaping gardens or are working with river rock on septic system projects. 


Dirt is a vital element of landscaping. It allows for more sophisticated designs. Dirt is easier to handle and to lay. The type of dirt used depends on the purpose of use.

Topsoil and Black Dirt – Topsoil or Black Dirt can have excellent applications in gardening and lawns. Topsoil is rich in nutrients making it a valuable material for indoor gardens, pots, backyard gardens, and shaded avenues. Topsoil is also suitable for lawns as it is rich in nutrients. Black dirt can come in handy for lining walkways, small barriers, or retaining water in water features.

Fine Fill SandFill sand comes in bright colors and contrasts with black dirt in landscaping. They are an affordable backfill option for wet areas. They do not have structural value but are an excellent landscaping material.

Fill Dirt – Fill dirt is an excellent choice if you want to add undulations to your lawn and create rolling mounds. They can also be used as concealment fill over pipes and utility cables.

Porous Backfill – This all-weather material has excellent draining properties that are useful for the high rainfall season. It also resists thaw degradation. It finds use in garden walkways or in concealing pipes and utility cables.

Did you know that Legacy Materials provides Iowa DOT Certified Concrete Sand? This means that select products are passed by the Iowa Department of Transportation’s quality assurance program. 

Materials that will trend in 2022

All stakeholders like landscaping material suppliers, contractors, and end-customers alike are getting ready for a super-hot market in 2022. Some of the trends that will drive demand for landscaping materials are:

Gardening for fire scaping and floodproofing- Landscaping is moving on from just being pretty to becoming lifesavers. River Rocks and fill dirt embankments can be a break in rolling lawns and vegetation to prevent the spread of fire. Porous Backfill is an excellent drain for stormwater. 

“Making your own food” to “creating your own food”  – Lockdowns left us with so much banana bread and exotic stuffed vegetable ideas. Call it backward integration if you will; all the attention currently appears to be on producing your own food, and topsoil and black dirt can help with good growth. Arguably, it is so much more satisfying when you pluck that tomato fresh off the pot on the ledge outside your kitchen window than while taking it out of the refrigerator.

Gravel gardens that are great looking and easy on the wallet – Gravels, fill dirt, large boulders, and washed pea rocks are filling gardens fast. They are easy to create and are pretty to look at, but they need much less effort to maintain as they do not grow shabbily even if left unattended.

Ask us how

Getting the right supplies for landscaping projects is a job half done. With so many options that serve so many trends, contractors will need the right partners who can guide them through material selection and until proper use. At Legacy Materials, our experts can help you meet the demand spikes of 2022. You can visit us at www. or call us at 515-432-7333 for help.

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