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Paving Paradise: Select the Right Rock for Your Landscape Project

Are you planning to start your spring or summer projects? Look no further than Legacy Materials! We have the materials you need to enhance your outdoor space, and we are thrilled to share that new rock materials are available to meet your project needs.

1-Inch River Rock

Washed River Rock is an incredibly versatile resource with varied, impressive characteristics and applications. These rocks are derived from riverbanks and, therefore, have a predominantly smooth texture due to the constant churning of river water, which serves to polish its surface over time. Their smooth, rounded shapes, combined with the attractive color, can complement both rustic and modern styles.

If you want a natural, smooth finish, go for the 1-inch river rock. It’s perfect for filling garden beds, walkways, and other landscaping projects. 

1-Inch Crushed Granite

Crushed granite is another popular choice among homeowners, landscape designers, and construction. For a more elegant and professional look, the 1-inch crushed granite is an ideal option for landscaping and gardens. Its natural charm can enhance the beauty of your business outdoor space. 

1-inch crushed granite is also great for construction projects as it has a higher durability rating than commercial granite. It’s ideal for pipe bedding and drainage systems, ensuring high durability and reliable performance. 

Why The Right Choice Matters

How your landscape looks and functions directly impacts the overall value of your property, and the materials you choose play a significant role in shaping that impact. Your choice should align with your aesthetic, functionality, and environmental goals. 

  • Let’s start with aesthetic goals. The choice of materials can set the tone for your entire outdoor space and create distinct vibes – from rustic to modern. 
  • Suitable materials can determine the usability of your landscape when it comes to functionality. For example, if you intend to create a space for outdoor parties or conferences, you may need durable and weather-resistant materials for your patio. 
  • Your environmental goals also play a crucial role in material selection. Locally sourced, sustainable materials can reduce your carbon footprint. Moreover, choosing permeable paving materials can assist in managing rainwater runoff, thus helping in water conservation.

Let Legacy Materials help you create the landscape of your dreams.  With top-notch, certified product selections and a superior service record, you’ll never go wrong by partnering with Legacy Materials. Get in touch today!

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