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Start The Year Off Right: Submit Your Bid with Legacy Materials

Start The Year Off Right: Submit Your Bid with Legacy Materials

Start The Year Off Right: Submit Your Bid with Legacy Materials

At Legacy Materials, your needs are our priority. Proudly operated and owned by local women, we offer high-quality construction aggregate materials, including concrete sand, asphalt sand, and other Iowa DOT-certified materials. We employ the industry’s leading equipment and processes to provide customers with quality aggregate products in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

We are committed to fostering the expansion of the Des Moines urban region by delivering high-quality materials, all while safeguarding the environment, prioritizing the well-being and safety of those in our ranks, implementing eco-friendly operations, and cultivating community partnerships. We would love the opportunity to provide you with a bid for your next project.

The Legacy Materials Portfolio

Legacy Materials offers products, services, and sustainability to offer a unique construction experience to our customers.

Let’s Give You an Overview

Products: Legacy Materials contributes to the future expansion of the Des Moines Metropolitan through the extraction of sand and aggregates. Besides, we also provide high-quality materials such as Top Soil (Black Dirt), Concrete Sand (Iowa DOT Certified), D-57 (Iowa DOT Certified), etc.

Services: At Legacy Materials, we simplify the construction process by offering top-notch services to our clientele, contributing to developing communities and commercial projects throughout Central Iowa.

SustainabilityOur pledge to both our workforce and the community includes safeguarding the environment, prioritizing the health and safety of our workers, and fostering collaborations within the community.

WBENC Certification

The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) operates as a non-profit organization, categorized as 501(c)(3), bestowing certification on nationwide businesses owned by women. The council furnishes aid and resources to assist these enterprises in their growth. Its fundamental objective is to spark global economic growth through the recognition, certification, and progression of women-owned businesses.

Legacy Materials is honored to have the Women’s Business Enterprise certification from the WBENC. Collaborating with a business that has WBENC certification presents numerous benefits, such as tax incentives, reduced tax obligations, and unique loan opportunities.

Partnering with Legacy Materials showcases your company’s commitment to collaborating across diverse markets. This isn’t just about acquiring materials; it’s about securing excellence, reliability, and a commitment to quality. This partnership also brings other advantages, such as tax benefits and reduced tax obligations for initiatives securing federal or state funds. In choosing to partner with us, your firm reflects its commitment to operating within diverse markets and significantly enhancing your community’s development.

Submitting The Bid – A Quick Guide

From big to small projects, we’ve got you covered. High-quality construction aggregate materials and expert services await—partner with us for efficiency and excellence. We have an easy, secure online bid request that only takes a few minutes to complete. Submit your bid request to get started!

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