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Empowering Women, Fostering Communities: The Legacy of a Women-Owned Business 

At Legacy Materials, we take immense pride in being a women-owned business. Our company culture celebrates and embraces women’s strength, creativity, and dedication. From working mothers seeking a fulfilling career to women from all walks of life, each employee finds a supportive environment that encourages growth and empowers them to reach their full potential. This blog offers a glimpse of what life is like at Legacy Materials.  

 Crafting a Better Tomorrow 

Legacy Materials primarily specializes in producing sand and aggregate products essential to the construction industry. These products are vital in meeting the growing needs of Des Moines and its surrounding areas. Additionally, we strive to promote sustainability while making concerted efforts to enhance the local community’s overall well-being. 

 Women Empowered, Legacy Empowered  

 “Empowering women is key to building a future we want,” said Amartya Sen, the Nobel Laurette.  

 When women are given opportunities to thrive, the entire community benefits. Legacy Materials is not just a workplace but a community of support and empowerment. From fostering an inclusive workplace culture to encouraging professional growth, Legacy Materials is more than a business; it is a place where passion and purpose align.  

 Competitive Pay and Employee-Centric Benefits 

 At Legacy Materials, we value our workforce, so we offer competitive pay and a comprehensive benefits package, including low-cost health insurance, a 401(k)-retirement plan, paid holidays, and generous vacation days to ensure our employees feel supported and valued.   

Our employees should feel financially secure and supported. Our commitment to their success extends beyond the workplace, reflecting our genuine care for each person as an individual, not just an employee.  

 “It is an amazing company to work for. I am thankful for the personal relationships vs. just being an employee. I would say I’m very thankful for the competitive pay and benefits they offer” 

-Rachael, Scale Operator at Legacy Materials 

Watch Rachael’s Legacy Materials testimonial below to learn why she enjoys working at Legacy Materials: 

Your Growth, Our Growth: An Environment of Learning 

 At Legacy Materials, growth is a journey we all share. That’s why we provide our staff with opportunities to develop. We’ve established an extensive training program for our employees, covering the latest safety techniques and best practices. Our team is well-equipped to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all. By investing in our employees and their training, we can establish a culture of safety and accountability that benefits everyone. Together, we pave the way for a brighter future. 

Start Your Journey with Legacy Materials  

As a part of the Legacy Materials family, you’ll find more than just a job; you’ll find a supportive and caring environment that values your well-being and encourages growth. With competitive pay and exceptional benefits, we demonstrate our commitment to your financial security and happiness. We see you as an individual with unique talents and aspirations and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, learn more by watching the video below.  

  Join us, and together, let’s build a legacy of success and empowerment. Explore our opportunities and take the first step towards a fulfilling career with us. Apply now and embark on an exciting journey of growth and learning at Legacy Materials. 

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